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Human Communications Digest is a quarterly newsletter that covers the latest in important standards and technology developments for Facsimile, Unified Messaging and related technologies on IP and other networks. We also offer expert analysis about how these standards trends will affect vendors and customers. Examples of the kind of topics we will be covering in upcoming issues include:

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Facsimile technology and related standards are undergoing dramatic changes as the two breakthrough communications technologies of the Nineties, Fax and the Internet, come together.

There is also a broad trend in process toward conducting business communications over IP networks, using different media types such as text, HTML,  image and voice.    Finally, the network infrastructures themselves are evolving, as the traditional circuit switched telephone network is being complemented by new IP, ATM and wireless links.  

HCD will take you to the front lines in the standards organizations and various forums and consortia where the action is taking place. Key fax standards activities will be covered including the results of meetings held by:

The landscape of messaging technology is changing rapidly. As these changes take place, vendors will need to transform their products and customers will evolve new messaging strategies and infrastructures to translate emerging technologies into competitive advantage. At Human Communications, we believe that Fax will continue to be an important communications technology for many years to come, but the nature of Fax will evolve to integrate more tightly with the Internet and other strategic messaging technologies such as E-mail and the World Wide Web.

Do you have a clear understanding of how your company will need to adjust its plans to take advantage of these dramatic changes and trends? To help you find the right answers to these questions, join the ranks of industry leaders who have become subscribers to Human Communications Digest.

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Human Communications also offers back issues of HCD at reduced cost for those who would like to brush up on the recent history of facsimile and related technologies and standards. We also feature a special on the issues which cover the history of Internet fax standards from its beginnings in late 1996!

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