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Human Communications provides regular coverage of trends in fax standards and related technologies through our standards newsletter Human Communications Digest, via executive briefings and in fax technology training courses. In addition to straight coverage of the standards news, we also provide some analysis of critical standards issues and their impact on vendors and customers within Human Communications Digest.

The two most critical phases for standards are their development through some kind of consensus process and their subsequent implementation by individual vendors. Often, much attention is paid to the development and approval of standards, but then the resulting standards languish while waiting to be implemented. Many times the press or customers will complain about a particular issue that has already been solved, in theory if not yet in active practice, by a standards committee. So, the challenge for vendors is to become aware of new standards that can solve customer’s problems and then drive forward to implement solutions which bring real value to customers.

At Human Communications, we believe that there is a need to promote greater awareness of new standards to both customers and vendors. In line with this goal, many of our vendor clients have expressed a need to gain access to practical market, application and technical information which can help them quickly come up to speed on new standards and build support for the standards in real products. In turn, we want to help educate future customers about new possibilities for solving business problems using standards based products.

To address these goals, we have developed a new publication, Human Communications Standards Update. It is intended to help both vendors and consumers of fax and related technologies to bridge the gap between the time when a standard is approved and when it is put into effective use within products. Ideally, we will provide information which will help vendors to significantly reduce time to market for key new standard technologies. We also want to help the potential consumers in organizations and enterprises to be able to plan ahead in the integration of key new technologies and to work more closely with vendors to ensure that high priority standards are implemented in a timely and effective manner.

We will choose topics based on our assessment of the most critical new technologies in fax, messaging and networks and also on feedback from our customers. We also welcome suggestions for future topics. We are very excited about several of the latest standards based technologies and want to join with you, our customers, to help bring them to the marketplace. Please address any comments about Human Communications Standards Update to us via voice/fax at +1-203-746-4367 or via e-mail at jrafferty@humancomm.com .


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