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Written By James Rafferty

James wrote a guest post for on the topic of WebRTC standardardization entitled: WebRTC Standards: Why it Takes So Long

James wrote an article for SIP Magazine in March, 2007 about standards for interworking between the SS7 ISUP protocol and SIP, entitled: Integration of SIP & SS7 for VoIP: Opportunities and Challenges.  

James wrote an article for Internet Telephony in August 2006 on two of the hottest trends in Voice over IP communications, entitled: "Culture Clash:  IMS vs. Peer To Peer for Voice over IP".  Click here for this provocative article.  

James led a full day workshop on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) set of standards developed by the 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Program) at the Speechtek conference in 2006. 

Here are copies of the slides from the Speechtek website:  

      Contact James if your company would like him to present an updated version of this IMS workshop. 

James wrote an article for Internet Telephony in early 2004 on one of his favorite topics, real time Fax over IP.   Click here for the article.  

James wrote an article for Embedded Control Europe on the Status Quo and Outlook for Voice over IP in Fall, 2003. 

James has co-authored an article on "A  building-block approach to media gateway development" in Compact PCI Systems November 2002 issue.   This was based in part on a presentation that James had prepared for VON Europe 2002 in Helsinki.    Earlier in 2002, he wrote an article on new standards trends in service transparency when handling different kinds of media sessions, based on developments from meetings of ITU-T Study Group 16, as published in Communication Systems Design.   In the article, James also introduces the topic of Modem over IP, which was  standardized by the ITU-T.  

James wote an article for Network World tech update on Megaco (Media Gateway Control Protocol) from the ITU and IETF.   

James wrote a series of articles for Messaging Magazine, published by the EMA (now defunct), on aspects of messaging integration especially involving the Internet. The series covers the following topics:

James wrote an article on planning called "Planning from Left to Right" published in the July, 1987 edition of Manage magazine.  This innovative article offered strategies for planning that take advantage of both left and right brain styles of thinking.  

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