Consulting Engagements


Here are some examples of consulting engagements which we have conducted for clients. 

Voice Over IP Consulting

We provided advice for companies which were planning Voice over IP products targeted to infrastructure and value-added services markets.  We also have substantial experience in market segmentation for planning in advance of the introduction of new products.  We also briefed companies on emerging standards for Voice over IP and potential applications. 

IP Fax Strategic and Product Planning

We have worked with several companies in the fax and messaging industry to help them assess market opportunities within the emerging market for IP based communications. Services we have performed have included situation analysis, identification of new market niches, explanation of IP fax technologies and standards, and IP fax product planning. We have also helped companies to evaluate their strategies in light of the new market environment.

Fax Feature Specifications

We have advised numerous fax, MFP and computer fax vendors about emerging fax standards and how these can be incorporated within next generation products in order to create competitive advantages.

Strategic Alliances

We helped a vendor of multi-function products to evaluate a series of potential partners who could help them in providing a high level fax and computer fax interface for the product line.

Testing Plans

We have helped vendors in the fax, MFP and wireless markets in devising customized test plans that cover the full spectrum of requirements for fax testing for a specific product line. We have helped vendors to select from among the available testing tools and advised them on available technical documents for testing fax protocol implementations.

Standards Representation

We have represented numerous vendors and industry associations in the development of standards for facsimile, Internet fax and Computer Telephony. We have substantial experience in achieving outstanding results within leading standards organizations which include the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), TR-29 and the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum. We have experience in various leadership and contributor roles as a chairman, editor, technical secretary and co-author. We also provide reports to numerous customers based on their customized requirements.

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