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Human Communications and Genoa Technology developed a course on Group 3 Facsimile Technology. The course features an innovative mixture of classroom lecture and "Hands-on" workshops. The first day of the course is an in-depth classroom review of Group 3 Fax fundamentals, featuring a detailed review of the Group 3 fax protocol. The second day builds on the first day and covers Extended Facsimile including Group 3 Error Correction Mode, Fax Troubleshooting, V.34 Fax and Fax in the Nineties. The workshops feature FaxProbe from Genoa Technology, a unique tool which permits detailed monitoring of fax sessions. Topics covered during the two days include:

• Traditional Facsimile

- Modem Modulations, Phone Network Interactions

- T.4 Coding (MH, MR)

- T.30 Protocol (Send and Receive, Polling)

• Extended Facsimile

- T.6 Coding (MMR)

- Group 3 Error Correction Mode

- V.17 Modulation

• Fax Session Troubleshooting

• V.34 Facsimile

• Group 3 Facsimile in the 90’s (includes Q&A on New Developments, including Internet Fax)

This course is ideal for helping managers, engineers, product managers, product assurance and customer support staff quickly come up to speed on the fundamentals of traditional facsimile technology and on recent developments such as Group 3 ECM, Binary File Transfer, Fax Routing and V.34 fax.

Please show me a detailed agenda!

Instructors: James Rafferty, President of Human Communications


Course Fee: $1195 (Please inquire about early registration and group discounts.)

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To Register: Send e-mail to jrafferty@humancomm.com to  get more information.

Private courses are also available for a minimum of 5-10 students and by special arrangement. For further information, please contact us directly at jrafferty@humancomm.com .


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