Services For Corporate Clients

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Communications technology can give your company the competitive edge!

For corporate clients, Human Communications (HC) offers consulting, implementation and information services to help put the latest communications technology to work for your organization. We specialize in facsimile and the integration of related technologies which may include voice, electronic mail, wireless services and multi-media communications.

Focus on Your Needs

Our business is built on a close working relationship with our clients. First, we will take the time to learn about your business and offer an objective needs assessment. Then, we can help you select and implement the right combination of computer and communications technology to fulfill your needs.

Areas of Specialty

Select Which Services You Need

Specific services that we can provide include needs assessment, business analysis, preparation of technical specifications and Request For Proposals (RFPs), recommendation of vendors, and project implementation. HC also offers information services which include a quarterly standards newsletter and executive briefings or seminars on topics such as "Fax and Imaging Standards" and "Trends in Fax and Multi-Media Communications" which can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Potential Applications for Your Business

There are many potential applications where combinations of communication and computer technology can produce competitive advantages for your organization and improve productivity. The applications described below offer examples of the kinds of technology and related benefits that HC can help you put together:

• Facsimile Connectivity

We can help you implement "fax from the desktop" on Local Area Networks or from multi-user computers such as Unix, mini-computers and mainframes. This technology can produce high quality fax documents and improves personal productivity by eliminating time spent waiting at the fax machine.

• Fax on Demand

One of the most exciting new fax applications is Fax on Demand, where your customers can select and retrieve fax documents using friendly voice prompts. A Fax on Demand system can quickly pay for itself by providing your customers and prospects with an easy way to get the latest information about your products and services. We can help you select the Fax on Demand solution which is right for you.

• Automated Fax Report Distribution

Fax based distribution of reports directly from mainframe, mini-computers or LANs can provide a competitive advantage through high quality, efficent transmissions to your customers and suppliers. We can help you find and implement a fax system solution or fax service which meets your business needs.

• Integrated Messaging

Technologies such as fax, electronic mail, voice processing and multi-media are rapidly evolving and being integrated to produce more robust messaging services on and off computer networks. We can keep you current on the latest technical and standards trends and consult with you on how to select and implement the mix of technologies which can give your business the competitive edge and help your bottom line.

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