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For facsimile vendors, Human Communications (HC) offers consulting, product planning, engineering and information services to help you develop and market highly competitive fax communication products that are closely attuned to human and business needs. We specialize in facsimile and the integration of related messaging and network technologies which may include printers, voice, electronic mail, and the Internet. We are active participants in fax standards activities and can advise you on how to build market strategies and products which take full advantage of the latest standards trends and technologies.

Focus on Your Needs

Our business is built on a close working relationship with our clients. First, we will take the time to learn it takes to understand your business and offer you an objective needs assessment. Then, we can help you in the product planning, development and introduction of products based upon your specific needs.

Areas of Specialty

Select Which Services You Need

Specific services that HC can provide include strategic planning, market and new technology studies, feature specification, project management, systems and software engineering, test plans, and product introduction management. We can also be a resource for the development of strategic alliances with other companies in the telecommunications, messaging and software industries. HC also offers information services which include a quarterly fax standards newsletter and seminars on topics such as Internet Fax and Group 3 Fax Standards which can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Potential Applications for Your Business

The fast pace of change in the fax industry provides market opportunities for those companies which can produce the right mix of highly competitive products that meet customer needs. Human Communications can help your company to quickly develop and bring to market fax products and services which can provide the competitive edge. Here are examples of the kinds of projects where HC can help you:

Internet Fax

The rapid growth of the Internet and IP technologies is changing the way that organizations communicate. Facsimile communication over the Internet is a value added enhancement that all fax vendors should be exploring. At HC, we have played a leadership role in developing the standards and technology for the store and forward and real time modes of Internet fax. We can help you assess how the market opportunities for Internet fax and provide expert advice on feature specifications and other product planning issues. We can also help you in the integration of fax and World Wide Web technologies.

Computer Based Facsimile

We can help you add computer based facsimile products to your product line to meet customer demands for integration between fax machines and computers. As pioneers in computer based fax, we have broad experience in marketing and developing fax products for use on personal computers, Local Area Networks(LANs), IP networks and multi-user computers. We can advise you on software architectures, which standards to support and help you adapt standard software interfaces and drivers to meet your needs. We can also help you to build strategic alliances with leading fax software companies to speed your entry into the fast paced computer fax marketplace.

Fax and Multi-Function Product Planning and Engineering

We can help you plan and develop your next generation of fax and multi-function products based on our 22 years of experience in the office automation industry. We understand the latest trends in the U.S. fax and multi-function marketplace and can help you to assess new technologies and market opportunities and choose which ones fit your business. We also offer expert advice on user interfaces and feature specification, and can provide fax engineering and testing expertise that supplements your in-house product development team.

Fax and Image Communication Standards

We are active participants in the Internet Engineering Task Force, TR-29 US fax standards committee and in the international ITU-T Study Group 8 fax standards group. We can represent your company at standards meetings or provide information via meeting reports and conference calls. We have a strong understanding of standards trends and can keep you informed on trends which could have an impact on your business. We can also consult with you on putting together a market strategy and product line which take full advantage of changing industry standards and technology.

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