HC News and Notes - July 23, 1999

(Vol 1, Issue 1)

This the First in a periodic mailing of announcements by Human Communications

which is sent to our industry contacts about coming fax, messaging

and telephony industry events and related HC activities.  


1.  Standards Sessions at Fax Directions 99

Produced by Human Communications

Fax Directions 99

San Diego August 2-3, 1999

Join Human Communications President James Rafferty and a panel of

standards experts at Fax Directions 99. This year there will be a

separate standards track featuring updates on the latest developments

in Real Time and Store and Forward IP Fax, High Performance Group 3 Fax

, as well as overviews on hot topics including enhanced Messaging and

IP Telephony. Human Communications will also have a booth, in case

you wish to meet with James while at the conference.  

To register or for more information, call 818-842-5117

or go on-line at www.faxdirections.com and mention Human Communications

.2.  Internet Fax Technology Course - Now 2 Days!

August 4-5,1999 - San Diego

James Rafferty has now expanded the already renowned Internet Fax class,

put on by Genoa Technology and Human Communications o be two days!

The one day version of this class was very successful, but our students

told us that the continuing expansion of the standards requires a full

two days to provide strong coverage.

The class features a detailed review of the technology and standards

for Internet Fax via email (T.37, RFC 2305 and more) and Real Time Fax

over IP (T.38), as well as vital information such as Group 3 fax

"spoofing" techniques.

The class has been designed to provide the in-depth information needed

by Internet Fax developers, product planners and testing/quality staff

people. The next class is planned for August 4-5 in San Diego,

California, which will be preceded by Fax Directions 99.

Link here to an outline of the Internet Fax Course agenda and more

class details. <www.humancomm.com/adv_faxws_summary.htm>

For more information or to register, the contact points are: 

James Rafferty at Human Communications: 


    voice: +1-203-746-4367

    fax:   +1-603-925-5753


Gina Fleming at Genoa Technology : 


    voice: 805-378-6283

    fax:    805-531-9527

3.   Internet Fax and Business Communications Association Being Formed

Fax and Messaging industry leaders Dave Crocker, Max Schroeder and James Rafferty

have formed the Internet Fax and Business Communications Association.    

The association will focus on increasing public and media awareness about Internet

fax and related emerging Business Communications technologies.   Planned activities

jnclude Internet Fax interworking events (both store and forward and real time),

trade show pavilions, public relations, implementor mailing lists and much more.   

For more information on the association and membership, see <www.ifaxbus.org>


Any comments: 

Please send them to James Rafferty at <mailto:jrafferty@worldnet.att.net>

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