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September 1999 (Volume 1, Issue 2)

1.   Human Communications Standards Teleconference
      Topic:  Results of September 1999 ITU-T Study Group 8 Fax Standards Meetings

Human Communications is planning the first HC Standards Teleconference.    James Rafferty, President of Human Communications, will provide a briefing over the phone which highlights the key results of the September meeting of Study Group 8 and 3 related rapporteur meetings on fax and Internet fax standards.  There is important work underway in areas such as Internet Fax Full Mode (T.37), Real Time IP Fax (T.38), advanced JBIG-2 compression, and amendments to Group 3 facsimile.      This timely briefing will provide you and your company with an update and analysis on these key fax standards developments. 

For more information or to register, see our web site at www.humancomm.com/hcconf.htm or contact us via voice/fax  at +1-203-746-4367 or by email at mailto:ellenr@humancomm.com

Time/Date:  October 28, 1999; 1:00 P.M.   Eastern Time

Format:  50 minutes intro/presentation with slides, followed by 10 minutes Q & A

2.   T.38 Implementors Mailing List and Fax Connect II Report Now Available

An mailing list has been established by the Internet Fax and Business Communications Association for
implementor's of the T.38 real time IP fax recommendation.    This is one of the early activities of the
IFBCA <www.ifaxbus.org>, an industry association which has been formed to provide a global forum
for educating customers and the media about standards based Internet fax.  
To sign up, send mail with the word subscribe in the message body to mailto:ifbca-T38-request@ifaxbus.org

In other Internet fax interoperability news, the report on Fax Connect II, the interworking event for store and forward Internet fax is now available at http://www.imc.org/fc2-final.html.   The event was co-hosted by the IMC and the Internet Fax Study Assn., with assistance from the IFBCA.   The majority of testing was on implementations of the simple mode per RFC 2305; there was also testing on TIFF profiles.  

3. Human Communications President James Rafferty has been quoted extensively in an article in the latest CTI magazine.   The article provides an excellent introduction to standards based Internet fax and highlights several of the quality of service benefits which customers will be able to gain using Internet fax products and services.   See the article at http://www.tmcnet.com/articles/ctimag/0999/0999ECTF.htm

4. Human Communications Digest in print and "HCD on the Web" - This month marks the publication of Volume 8, Issue 1 of Human Communications Digest.    The lead story is on the approval of the latest version of ITU-T T.434 on Binary File Transfer.   There is also extensive coverage on activities from ITU-T Study Group 8 and on the first two IETF meetings of 1999.   To read the cover page of this and other issues, see http://www.humancomm.com/hcdfront_arch.htm .

As of this issue, a new supplement "HCD on the Web" also debuts.      HCD on the Web will provide coverage on selected standards topics, ongoing features such as a Glossary of Terms and serve as an extension to the contents of the printed "Human Communications Digest".   To check out HCD on the Web, please see http://www.humancomm.com/hcdsupp.htm

5.   Fax Class Planning - Human Communications is making plans for a schedule of public Internet fax and Group 3 fax courses for the year 2000 along with its fax class partner, QualityLogic, Inc. (formerly Genoa Technology).    If you or others at your company are interested in attending,
please contact us at mailto:jrafferty@worldnet.att.net , stating your interests in classes, location preference (if any) and desired timing.   Private classes are also available for groups of 5 or more; please contact us for details.    Other details about the classes are contained at www.humancomm.com/fcinfopg.htm

Any comments: 

Please send them to James Rafferty at <mailto:jrafferty@worldnet.att.net>

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