First Issue of Human Communications Update on Fax Routing

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The first edition of Human Communications Standards Update is now available. This issue is a 75 page report which will tell you all about the most important aspects of standards based fax routing.

One of the limitations of Fax for the enterprise and work groups has been the lack of standards for routing a fax message directly to the final recipient. Now, this has changed in a major way. In February, 1996, a new international standard for Fax Routing called T.33 was approved by the International Telecommunications Union.

At Human Communications, we foresee all kinds of important benefits to customers as this new technology is implemented. Therefore, we have developed the first Human Communications Standards Update - A Research Report on Fax Routing Standards and Practice.

This Human Communications Standards Update is designed to provide you answers to the following questions and much, much more:

What is the T.33 recommendation and why is it important? How is it different from the IS-141 interim standard?

We provide a technical review of T.33 and IS-141 that is crammed with tips and examples on how vendors and customers can get the most out of standards based routing.

What are the plans of vendors in five different segments of the fax industry to implement Fax Routing using the T.30 Subaddress? Which vendors are already supporting T.33?

We conducted an extensive survey to determine vendor plans for implementing standards based fax routing. You may be surprised at what we found out!

As a corporate fax user, how can standards based fax routing help your organization? How can it save you money? How can it help you to integrate fax with your other messaging systems and the Internet? What are the key applications?

We present a detailed review of what we feel are the most important applications of standards based routing, including plentiful use of examples and implementor’s tips. We also offer contact names for companies that have or are planning products that support standards based fax routing.

What advice does Human Communications offer for vendors and customers who are investigating standards based fax routing?

We have been involved in the technical and business aspects of standards based routing since 1992 and we offer advice to customers and vendors (in five fax industry market segments) based on these experiences and our market research.

Table of Contents (partial detail)

Executive Summary


Introduction to Fax Routing

Private Fax Routing Solutions
  • Standards Based Fax Routing

Technical Overview: Fax Routing Using the Subaddress

Decoding the Subaddress Contents
Fax Routing Using the Subaddress
Summary of Vendor Implementation Requirements
Summary of Differences between TIA IS-141 and ITU-T T.33

Applications Overview: Standards Based Fax Routing

Summary of Vendor Plans

Analysis by Fax Industry Market Segment
Scenario for Widespread Adoption


Future Directions


Ordering Instructions

The list price for the report is $195. Current customers of Human Communications’ products and services are eligible for a $10 discount. New subscribers to Human Communications Digest will also be eligible for the discount. We also offer our guarantee. Act now to order your copy!

Our Guarantee: We are confident that you will find the report provides useful and valuable information. If you are not fully satisfied with this report, simply return it to us and we will provide a full refund.

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