Human Communications Releases Report on Fax Routing Standards and Practice

Vendor Survey Shows Strong Movement Among Fax Vendors to Adopt T.30 Subaddress for Routing

For Release at FaxWorld 1996

Burlingame, CA - December 9, 1996 - Consulting firm Human Communications announced the immediate availability of a new report on standards based Fax Routing today at the FaxWorld 96 conference sponsored by the GIGA Information Group. The report, entitled "A Research Report on Fax Routing Standards and Practice", is the first of a series of planned Human Communications Standards Updates.

Facsimile routing has emerged in numerous surveys of business customers as being one of the main areas where the implementation of Group 3 fax on computers needs improvement. In July, 1996, the International Telecommunications Union responded to this need by approving a new international standard for Fax Routing Utilizing the Subaddress known as the T.33 recommendation. The newly released Standards Update report is intended to bridge the gap between approval of the new fax routing standards and enabling vendors and customers to put them into practice.

In results from a vendor survey included in the new report, seventy-two percent of the companies responding have definite plans to include support for the Subaddress in their future products. About half of these companies have already made plans to support the new T.33 recommendation for fax routing in products as well.

"The development of standards based fax routing is a major milestone for the fax industry, " according to James Rafferty, President of Human Communications and the report’s author. "Products based on these standards will enable fax messages to be delivered directly to recipients on Local Area Networks and provide better integration of fax with e-mail systems and the Internet. The purpose of this Standards Update is to provide practical advice and how-to information that will help vendors and customers to realize these benefits as soon as possible."

The report is about 75 pages in length and includes seven chapters and various appendices. Key chapters of general interest to vendors and customers include a technical overview, applications overview, a summary of vendor plans and a review of future directions. The summary of vendor plans includes the survey results and detailed analysis. At the heart of the report is a chapter of Recommendations, where Human Communications offers advice to fax vendors in five different fax market segments, along with detailed recommendations targeted to enterprise fax decision makers and fax users in small office and home office environments.

Human Communications is a consulting firm which advises clients on emerging telecommunications technologies and helps them to plan, design and implement highly competitive products and services. The firm has particular expertise in facsimile communications and its integration with emerging messaging, multimedia and network technologies, including the Internet. In addition to consulting services, HC publishes a leading fax standards newsletter, Human Communications Digest. The firm also conducts executive briefings on telecom technologies and offers a course on Group 3 fax technology in a joint venture with fax testing leader Genoa Technology.

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