Blog Posts

James writes on business and technical topics in his Communications Advisor blog.

James wrote blog posts on various topics such as Avaya DevConnect and on a new SIP mechanism for Dialogic on their corporate blog.

James wrote a guest post for on the topic of WebRTC standardardization entitled: WebRTC Standards: Why it Takes So Long.

Magazine Articles

James wrote an article for Internet Telephony on Paving the Way to Next Generation Media and Signaling VoIP Gateways.

James wrote an article for SIP Magazine about standards for interworking between the SS7 ISUP protocol and SIP, entitled: Integration of SIP & SS7 for VoIP: Opportunities and Challenges.

James wrote an article for Internet Telephony in on two of the hottest trends in Voice over IP communications, entitled: “Culture Clash:  IMS vs. Peer To Peer for Voice over IP”.  Click here for this provocative article.

James wrote an article for Internet Telephony on one of his favorite topics, real time Fax over IP.   Click here for the article.  

James wrote an article for Embedded Control Europe on the Status Quo and Outlook for Voice over IP in Fall, 2003.

James co-authored an article on “A  building-block approach to media gateway development” in Compact PCI Systems November 2002 issue.   This was based in part on a presentation that James had prepared for VON Europe 2002 in Helsinki.    Earlier in 2002, he wrote an article on new standards trends in service transparency when handling different kinds of media sessions, based on developments from meetings of ITU-T Study Group 16, as published in Communication Systems Design.   In the article, James also introduces the topic of Modem over IP, which was  standardized by the ITU-T.

James wrote an article for Network World tech update on Megaco (Media Gateway Control Protocol) from the ITU and IETF.

James wrote a series of articles for Messaging Magazine, published by the EMA (now defunct), on aspects of messaging integration especially involving the Internet. The series covers the following topics:

  • July-August: Status of standards efforts to integrate voice, fax, and Internet mail
  • September-October: Status of standards work on conducting real-time voice and fax communications via the Internet
  • November-December (1997): An overview of efforts by the IETF Drums working group to explain and refine the core Internet Mail standards
  • January-February (1998): A review of four customer messaging problems that can be addressed by emerging standards

James wrote an article on planning called “Planning from Left to Right” published in the July, 1987 edition of Manage magazine.  This innovative article offered strategies for planning that take advantage of both left and right brain styles of thinking.

White Papers and Web Pages

James developed the themes and key messages for a series of white papers on use cases for Media Gateways for Dialogic in 2017.  The content was developed in large part by a third party writer based on discussions with James as a subject matter expert.  The white papers can be found at:

See the section below on webinars for a presentation James developed based in large part on these white papers.

James also developed the content for the web pages and data sheets used for the Dialogic IMG series of media gateways (now marketed by Sangoma), notably for the IMG 2020 and IMG 1010.

Communications Standards

James has contributed to numerous standards organizations including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Telecommunications Industry Association and the Third Generation Partnership Program (3GPP). At the ITU, James was editor and a contributor for the T.33 fax routing and T.434 Binary File Transfer recommendations.  James also made substantial contributions to T.30 (the Group 3 fax protocol), T.37 (Internet Fax via email) and T.38 (Real Time Internet Fax).  James was also a major contributor in creating the Fax, IP Fax and Call Discrimination packages specified in ITU-T H.248.2.

James was a co-author on numerous Request for Comments (RFC) documents published by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Topics where he contributed included documents associated with facsimile image standards and extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). A summary of these IETF RFCs can be found at this link maintained by the IETF.

Webinars and Presentations

James developed and co-presented a webinar on Integrated Media Gateways and the Transition to IP Networks for Dialogic in 2017.

James has presented at several of the SIPNOC conferences. Here is a presentation on Securing IP Fax, A New Standard Approach.

James led a full day workshop on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) set of standards developed by the 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Program) at the Speechtek conference in 2006.

Contact James if your company would like him to present an updated version of this IMS workshop.

Where James Is Quoted

  • James is interviewed by Rich Grigonis within an Internet Telephony article about VoIP Peering.
  • James is quoted in an article by Wayne Walley of Global Telephony on the utility of IP PBX and hosted IP services
  • Bridget Mintz Testa did some great articles on the standards process for Telephony in 1999-2000.  She conducted an extended interview with James about the differences between the ITU and IETF standards processes.
  • The January 1998 issue of Inc. Magazine had an article on an Internet fax service where James was quoted on what it will take for Internet fax to be useful for small businesses.
  • The July issue of BTA Solutions from the Business Technology Association had an article on Internet Fax 101, where James and other industry leaders were quoted on the state of standards and related products.
  • “Fax Gets A Face Lift” – This was an article written by Dave Andrews of BYTE. He reviewed the status of Binary File Transfer via facsimile, including a good overview of BFT and quotes from James and fax vendors.